Crysis 2 Game Download [Highly Compressed] For PC

Crysis 2 Game Highly Compressed Free Download

Crysis 2 PC Game Download

Crysis 2 Game Download was created by Crytek and distributed by Electronic Arts. In 2011, the Downloadable version was released for PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows in Australia, Europe, and North America. It launched with the sequel version and expansion series (Crysis Warhead) and the Second installment of Crysis 2 in 2009. First time in the history of the gaming series, it uses CryEngine 3. Later on, it introduced a remastered and latest game version for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The game has a very detailed and nuanced soundtrack that Tilman Sillescu and Borislav construct.

Three albums of the soundtrack are available digitally. They have composed four official soundtracks. Track 15, was fast in April, track 17 in July, and track 16, be the Weapons, was released on 29 July. The series contains 46 tracks, and two CDs are the most demanding and complete gaming version.

Crysis 2 PC Game Highly Compressed Version Download

Crysis 2 Highly Compressed starts with news headlines about the breakdown due to the virus and alien race. It infected the whole of Manhattan City and caused a social breakdown; therefore, it set martial law in New York City. The defense department of the US under the Crynet Corporation developed a Recon Force. They sent a submarine so that former employees could escape out of the city. After their extraction, Alcatraz was the only survivor there. Later, Delta officers arrive there and save his life. The Nano edition has limited copyright cases and is large enough to work with 17 laptops. Simultaneously, the game uses CryEngine 3 technology for multiple platforms. As society is breaking down due to alien invasion and climatic disasters, at this time, supersoldiers will be responsible for their security. 

Due to the skyscrapers all over the city, Verticality is increasing day by day. Players can climb up over ledges. Aliens throughout the city are more likely to be predators; they use powerful weapons to show armor ability. Their agility and potential aid made them act as superhuman strength. On the other hand, military organization players use machine guns and vehicles as normal humans. More advanced features and functions in the integrated suite add enhancement in shooters working during the mission. Speed mode activates whenever the player sprints, with that jump strength and good prequel activate. Players can kick, stomp, and punch.

Crysis 2 PC Game Highly Compressed Download [APK + OBB]

In addition, the multimode series offers different modes during each campaign. Default mode controls weapon delivery; whenever the player changes his suit, weapon mode is activated automatically. Activate camouflage for Nanosuit is generated automatically by cloak mode. These features also make the soundtrack clear from wearer noise. Players can use Armor mode to enhance protection level and is also suitable for Nanosuit’s strength and agility. Moreover, power mode supplies different power activation actions such as Power jumping, power sprinting, etc. Players can tag other objects in tactical mode.

According to each mission, players can have access to customize their Nanosuit with Nanosuit modules. Air stomp and flyover are some additional options that the Nanosuit module offers, and stomping in the air helps to eliminate enemies. Multiplayer campaigns provide a great experience as the game provides unlockable featured ranks when players reach a certain level. The single-player series contains more than 16 different modules, and multiplayer campaigns contain up to 16 Nanosuit modules. These are subdivided into various categories according to the emission levels. Players are free to make the Ranking system with level 50 and customize kill streaks and load-outs. Overall, you will experience a very logical storyline.

Crysis 2 PC Game Download

Crysis 2 PC Game Features:

Crysis 2 PC Game Highly Compressed, with graphical achievement, has plotted many features that make it extra Fabolous and suitable for PC game lovers. Let’s have a look at the following:

  • Automatic suit functions are excellent
  • Computerized maps and sleek countryside view
  • Graphical effects enhance gaming reliability
  • Fabulous and unique group behavior and coordination by artificial intelligence
  • It allows players to use the way of stealth
  • The permanent Enemy location appears by the binoculars
  • Artificial enemy army response efficiently
  • Upgrade nano suites with sorting game points as you gradually get experience through the game
  • Soldiers can see enemies throughout the wall
  • Strength and power modes are more beneficial than others
  • To scale New York City vertically, they can also climb up the buildings
  • You can chase your enemy from the rooftop
  • Amazing robotic aliens add more fantastic campaigns in the latest version as they exhibit organic characteristics

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 32bit
  • Hard disk drive: 9GB
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Processor: AMD Athlon II X2/ Intel core 2 Duo E6750
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 4870/ NVIDIA GeForce 280
  • DirectX: 11c compatible graphics card

How To Download & Install Crysis 2 Game on PC?

  • Download all the parts of the game by using the button “Download”
  • Put every part in the same folder
  • Right-click on any parts of the game file and click on Extract Crysis 2
  • Now Go inside the folder and right-click on Crysis 2
  • Double-click on setup.exe and start the setup to install the game
  • After completing the installation, go there, where you installed the game.
  • Start the Crysis 2 game from the desktop.
  • Enjoy

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